Team: Dave Derbis

Dave is a 28 year old IT specialist. His interests include photography, hiking and web development. He has been focusing on his photography for several years now and his passion is constantly growing. He was introduced to basic techniques through a fellow photographer and his interest simply took off. A keen landscape photographer, he enjoys scouting locations amongst wild regions and never gets tired of seeking the correct light for a shot.

Dave on a Photo Tour in the Alps, Berchtesgaden National Park May 2009.
Photo by Matthias Haltenhof. 

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current equipment:

- Canon 5D, Canon 5D Mk II
  +Cable Release, Camera Armor, Hot Shoe Spirit Level, Cards

- Canon 17-40mm L
- Canon 24-105mm L IS
- Canon 70-200mm L IS
- Retro Adapter, 2x Extender

- 4x6 Singh-Ray Graduated Neutral Density Filters
- 4x6 Singh-Ray Reverse GNDs
- Hoya Polariser, solid ND8 (3 Stop), solid ND400 (9 Stop), R72 infrared

- Manfrotto 718B
- Tamrac Expedition 8
- Eizo S1932